5 hours later….

Took about 5 hours but I finished off my half of the AoS box last night in preparation of my game today. I am speechless at the quality of the models. I finished off the Lord-Celestant on the Kitty Dragon (Dracoth) and just started at it for a few minutes soaking in the details ;). Anyways excited to play and I’ll have a report of the game within the next few days!

The Storm is ready to break!

2 thoughts on “5 hours later….

  1. Working on the same thing myself 🙂 we have an Escalation League set up at our store for AoS. What paint scheme are you thinking?


    1. I’m probably going to go with the Silver ones. I was having trouble deciding but I have a bottle of Vallejo silver primer laying around from a previous project so I may as well use it 😉


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