Yeah I’m an Awful Person ;)

Welp….guess I can’t keep blogging promises. Classes and work just tend to get in the way and kind of kill my desire to write anything. Added to that I haven’t had any chances to get in any games of AoS or 40k lately so it hasn’t really been on my mind.

Again I will try to make a better go of it though. Part of my problem has also been a lack of things that I have really wanted to write about in regards to AoS, so I think I will be expanding this blog to cover 40k and possibly some other Miniatures games while still trying to focus on AoS. My immediate future will be spent getting my Adeptus Mechanicus army painted and ready for the Narrative Event at the LVO next year so I’ll start posting up some progress on that. Also I finally got the Stormcast Eternals Tome so I’ll try to get a review of that up at some point.

Anyways to whoever still reads my blog: thank you! I won’t make any promises about posting but hopefully I’ll have another post up sooner rather than later ;).


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