Quick update

Hey everyone! Happy new year! I’m working on a look back at 2015 post ATM, but due to eventful year it’s still a few days off. I also wanted to post a pic of what I have to finished before LVO in a few weeks, which is a little scary ;). Anyways as usual thanks for reading! If anyone is going to be at LVO let me know, I’d love to say hi! I’ll be playing in the narrative event this year with my Ad. Mech. army.


My LVO army that needs to be finished. Not shown due to not being assembled yet: 2 Kastelan robots, 1 more Dragoon, and 5 more Electro-Priests (which have since been assembled). Hooray for procrastinating!!!!

Oh yeah and man those new Duradin models are tempting. I dunno how much I like the thought of painting so much naked dwarf flesh, but I absolutely LOVE the fire aesthetic and the Magmadroths are freaking sweet. Of course one thing that makes AoS so great is I could just buy a Magmadroths and use it without needed to go all in….soooo tempting.

Here he comes to slay my wallet! Poor little guy 😦

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