Actual hobby progress!

Hi everyone! Figured I better update again so people continue to know the blog isn’t quite dead yet ;).

Just wanted to share some of the quick hobby progress I have made lately. For some reason during the winter I tend to get away from the hobby in general, but luckily it is Spring now and my obsession is at the fore! Plus I think I may have finally found a couple people to actually play AoS with so I can actually have an excuse for building up that army and painting it.

Anyways to start with I almost have my contemptor from the B@C box set finished:


I say almost finished because I need to get his decals all done, and I think I need to do a shade on some of his gold areas to make the recesses pop a bit more. He is also a little too glossy thanks to the Minitaire flat coat still being basically a gloss varnish, I ordered some Vallejo matt varnish so hopefully that will tone him down a bit. I started trying out using oil washes and I am a major convert now. Honestly I don’t see myself using regular washes much in the future. They are just soooo much smoother and fill in the recesses so nice.


I also finally finished my poor Imperial Knight who has been a naked skeleton for about a year:


Went all out with trying out new stuff on this guy. I used Minitaire ghost tint on some of the red armor, used oil washes for the first time, and used weathering powder for the first time. Also used way more decals than normal. Personally I am very happy with him, I do need to weather his legs some more since I put those bottom armor plates on after I did the weathering, but overall just about complete.


And to bring this around to Age of Sigmar here’s the start of finally finishing my starter box guys (as I’m sure you noticed in the background of the other pics):


Basically just base coated at the moment, although I did do a highlight of a lighter gold with my air brush (but you can’t really see it in pics). I had earlier decided to do these guys with silver armor but I recently changed my mind as the silver wasn’t doing it for me. I bought the spray can of the retributer gold (used tournament prize winnings so the price didn’t sting as much) and I must say that stuff is amazing. Is it worth $27? Probably not, but at least I don’t feel ripped off. I plan to get all my Stormcasts, including my Celestant Prime that’s still in the box, finished within the next few weeks so hopefully I will have a lot more posts about that coming up.


Alright that’s all I have for today! That new godbeasts book coming out looks pretty damn awesome so I may cave and pick that up, if I do I’ll try and post a review on here. Thanks for reading everyone! Until next time.


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