Looking back on 2015

Well…guess it’s time to get on the bandwagon and share my thoughts on the last year in GW, and what a year it has been. 2015 was basically a roller coaster of releases and new stuff. This has easily been the most disruptive and unexpected year of releases since I started this hobby (which granted […]

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Quick update

Hey everyone! Happy new year! I’m working on a look back at 2015 post ATM, but due to eventful year it’s still a few days off. I also wanted to post a pic of what I have to finished before LVO in a few weeks, which is a little scary ;). Anyways as usual thanks […]

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Fire Dwarves!

Just a quick post today. Looks like we got a leaked pic of an upcoming dwarf sprue yesterday, which I’ll post below in case anyone hasn’t seen it. This is kind of the first proof we have seen that they are going to be updating the old races as well. It looks like they are […]

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OMG What has GW DONE?! A totally uninformed and arbritrairy analysis of recent GW decisions.

Obviously this is a huge question lately as far as GW releasing AoS and replacing WHFB with it. The decision has alienated many long time fans and has divided the community pretty thoroughly. In fact at this point I think there is enough controversy┬áthat it’s time to dub it a “gate”, maybe Sigmargate? I dunno […]

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The Gates open!

Hello everyone! Well after years of preventing myself from indulging in something like this I have finally decided to start up my own Miniature Wargaming blog. Why now? Because it’s the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of Age of Sigmar related stuff! I have always wanted to do a 40k blog, […]

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