First games of AoS report

On Sunday I had my first real game of AoS using the starter box. We pretty much just played through the missions included in the book to get a taste of how the game is. Really the first few missions are tutorial missions in order to get you used to the rules, in fact they […]

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5 hours later….

Took about 5 hours but I finished off my half of the AoS box last night in preparation of my game today. I am speechless at the quality of the models. I finished off the Lord-Celestant on the Kitty Dragon (Dracoth) and just started at it for a few minutes soaking in the details ;). Anyways excited to play and I’ll have a report of the game within the next few days!

The Storm is ready to break!
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OMG What has GW DONE?! A totally uninformed and arbritrairy analysis of recent GW decisions.

Obviously this is a huge question lately as far as GW releasing AoS and replacing WHFB with it. The decision has alienated many long time fans and has divided the community pretty thoroughly. In fact at this point I think there is enough controversy┬áthat it’s time to dub it a “gate”, maybe Sigmargate? I dunno […]

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The Gates open!

Hello everyone! Well after years of preventing myself from indulging in something like this I have finally decided to start up my own Miniature Wargaming blog. Why now? Because it’s the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of Age of Sigmar related stuff! I have always wanted to do a 40k blog, […]

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